Creating Swarm Stickers

The stickers in Swarm are one of the most fun elements we have in the app. They had the soul of Swarm-ified version of old Foursquare badges. In fact, many of the original badges were reimagined as stickers in Swarm (crunked, bender, etc). In a play for nostalgia we offered users the chance to drag their old badges through the “Badge Transmuter 9000” to make their new stickers. We also stored the old badges in a dusty badge case hidden at the bottom of the sticker tab.

We took a lot of time on the unlock criteria and general concepts around all of the stickers. We were lucky to work with an incredibly talented illustrator on the designs (that we dubbed Paddy StickerHands, internally.) And spent almost an entire weekend getting really weird with the unlock copy.

I don’t think that I’ve had more fun working than frantically writing copy for over a hundred stickers with J, the PM on Swarm, at 3am over Slack on the weekend before launch.

Here’s a few of my favs:

drained sticker

We set this to unlock when you check in and your phone has less than 15% battery.

nasa sticker

Fun fact: This sticker had a typo (see 3am copywriting) that we didn’t see for about a week after launch. We thought it was hysterical and left it in.

super mario

This was for the 30th anniversary of Mario Bros as a hat tip to the creator. (We’re all big video game fans)