Swarm 4.0 – Profile Redesign

Profile takis & cheevosSpending way too much time with my Fitbit, in Mint, and playing with every other quantified self app — this was easily one of my favorite projects.

Research would tell us over and over again that lifelogging was one of the main reasons people check in. We were sitting on a ton of data about the places you go, but we never did anything to visually represent that data back to users.

The profile tab was split into various modules, each of which taps through to a full screen view defaulting to the last 60 days and giving an option of viewing all-time.

It’s split into:

  • Top Categories
  • Top Friends (using check-in overlaps)
  • Top Places
  • Check-in Streaks (weeks in a row at a category)
  • Snippets (short insights about you)

Turns out that the small snippets at the bottom of the profile were a big hit! I took data that was hard to visualize and wrote about 15 different insights based on your ow behavior. On each pull to refresh a new snippet (Did you know you’ve checked into 35 pizza places?) would tap through to a corresponding history search.

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