Games Tab

Consolidating the Games Tab

games tab full Prior to Swarm 4.3 the games tab was broken into three segmented controllers; leaderboard, stickers, and Mayors. AKA tabs on tabs on tabs.

Usage of the both the sticker and Mayors tabs were low since the leaderboard was the default, and was also the landing place for a weekly ping.

We wanted to do a better job of highlighting both stickers and mayors. And we wanted to avoid segmented controller-pocolypse knowing that we wanted to add more game elements.

A similar approach was taken with profile — tabs were replaced with smaller modules that tapped through to full page views.

We added challenges and the interactive header, which took both existing snippets from profile and new game-related insights. The coins fall into the header (and move around with your phone) and snippets reload on each pull to refresh.

Oh yeah, try to grab that coin out of her hands… ^_^