support - full

I joined Foursquare as the Director of Support, in the fall of 2012 to help build out the support organization.

Prior to my joining, Support was split into two functions — Community and Merchant Support.

Community lived under the umbrella of Marketing and encompassed all of the 1:1 communication between users of the consumer app. It also owned @4sqsupport, (powered by zendesk), and helped manage our superuser community. There was one full-time support employee and two interns.

Merchant support lived under the umbrella of Business Development. It originally started as a business development internship, but as volume grew, turned into interns answering email tickets and tweets from merchants who had claimed their listings on Foursquare. And supporting the sales team with things like claiming listings, venue clean up, and other tasks.

Both teams were using the same tools (zendesk, a now-defunct twitter client), answering a lot of the same questions (how do I reset my password), but sat on different sides of the office and didn’t often work together.

My first project was to merge the teams together and tear down the artificial wall between the two functions. I started by building the foundation for the support internship program. After that, the focus was on optimizing the support process and building out ways for the support team to better communicate with the product organization.