Apple Commercial

After the release of the iPad Pro in 2015, Apple asked us to help with the filming of an iPad commercial. They wanted to show a top level search, tapping through to venue page, scrolling through some tips, and tap through to a map (apple maps, of course) via our iPad app.

Because we couldn’t use real user data on the page, we couldn’t use a real venue page in the app. We just had to figure out the best way to fake it — So I worked with a two engineers on what turned out to be a fun little project.

I collected some employee avatars (yes, with permission) and wrote up a series of fake tips for 4 different venues. They needed a full, working version of the app, so we had to fake the JSON responses for the user account we made for them and crossed our fingers.

Congratulations! Your app, Foursquare, is being featured in the Everything Changes with iPad campaign, which is running in the United States.


The commercial was about 30 seconds and we were in it for a total of about .7 seconds. Still a fun project and it came with app store featuring so we wound up seeing a lift anyway!